Sunday, May 22, 2016

The sun shone bright

I'm not sure whether brilliant sunshine is an asset or otherwise for the traditional Romeria of San Isidro. Following mass in the church, the pilgrims set off from the town square en route to the Hermitage at La Pedrera.

From the crossroad between Avenida Europa and Calle Canada de Andrea it is a steady climb to the bottom of our estate. However, from there the road ramps up as the pilgrims follow Calle Le Vigan to the junction with Calle Irlanda. Then it flattens out a little but steepens again as they turn up towards the recreation area and the Hermitage.

As per every year, there was a mixture of young and old taking part with some pushing push chairs with young children onboard and of course there were the men who carry the burden of the statue.

Leading the way was a group of four horsemen and just behind the statue was a charanga (ad hoc band of musicians). Quite how they manage to play an instrument whilst negotiating a steep road is beyond me. I only know that I have to stop several times to catch my breath when I follow their route.

This year, a train from Crevillente was put into service to carry those who wanted to take part but did not want to tackle the walk. We could hear the train going backwards and forwards all day ferrying people back down to the village.

You can see my album of pictures of the pilgrims on their way by going to the sidebar.

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