Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Very special

I hope that, those of you who went down for the celebrations for Corpus Christi, really enjoyed the occasion. Looking at the photographs on Facebook posted by the church, the people of the town made it really special for the children.

The carpet in the town square seems to get larger every year. This time there was no greenery, just flower petals that were hand picked from thousands of carnations and other flowers. It was obviously a massive undertaking that was completed in good time.

It wasn't just the town square that received attention. Along the route there was a further carpet that was laid out in the street and many other points where altars or tributes had been created with loving care.

The children who had received their first communion looked beautiful in their special clothes and of course the children in pages outfits that performed a dance routine at the front of the church.

Pamela and I were very sorry to miss it, a mistake we will try and avoid in future. Instead, we are here in Merry England with our family where we have just spent three wonderful days at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest. Plenty of walking, swimming and taking part in various activities. It was a great deal of fun and time with the family is always invaluable. Today, I need to relax though and recharge my batteries.

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