Saturday, October 20, 2007

Benidorm Palace

In my post "Full Marks" on the 21st September I said:-

"Allan (Allan White, Chairman of the Residents' Committee) also put forward a proposal for a Christmas outing to the Benidorm Palace on Thursday the 13th December. The cost of (approximately) 49€ would include transport, a four course meal and entrance to the cabaret. In order to make a booking, the Committee will need to have a firm confirmation of numbers including payments by the end of this month."

Allan fully expected this venture to be oversubscribed; after all he only needed 49 people to fill the coach and make it viable. Sadly he is 8 people short of that total. As Allan told me yesterday, "the cost with a part filled coach would be prohibitive". So reluctantly he will have to cancel the outing unless we can find eight more interested people.

If you want to go and haven't already given your names to Allan, or another member of the Committee, can you please do so so ASAP. Otherwise we'll miss out on a great night out that many of us were looking forward to.

Allan lives at Casa Blanca, Cañada de Andrea 65. If he's not in just drop a note in his buzon.

PS the singing on the coach back from Santa Pola two years ago was so good we should have probably considered forming a choir. I'm sure we could do even better coming back from Benidorm.

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