Sunday, October 07, 2007

An interesting point

Before the elections in May, we had asked both candidates if it is was possible to do something about the discos held at the Metro club which go on until about 4am on Sunday mornings. Then, at the meeting we had up at the Pedrera on Friday, Allan White (Chairman of the Residents' Committee) asked the owner of the site if it was possible to put a 12:30am deadline on any events held in the outdoor area. Allan knows that, having reached a "certain age", many of us need our beauty sleep! It was a sensible suggestion that most seemed to agree with.

However, it was ironic that last week many of us had attended a party, held in the outside area of the Pedrera, which went on until approximately 3 am. It is also fair to point out that recently we have been aware of several private parties, held outside of houses nearby, that have still been in full swing until the early hours of the morning.

Perhaps, before we start asking for other people to show consideration for us, we should consider putting our own house in order. Otherwise we will be open to accusations of operating dual standards

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