Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just a day late

When I asked yesterday about the forecast bad weather, "are we to expect it tomorrow", I kind of knew the answer. Last night we were treated to a spectacular show of sheet lightning. Today it is heavy rain, black skies and thunder.

This is the second dose of heavy rain that we have had in fifteen days and has caused widespread chaos in the region. Roads throughout the area, including the AP7 motorway and the N332 coast road, had to be closed, garages were filled with water and sand from beaches was washed away as 56 litres of water per cubic metre fell in just one hour. Torrevieja seems to have been worst hit. This man is standing in the Rambla Juan Mateo which, as you can see was turned into a river.

Although the market in Bigastro still took place, stallholders were packing up early, particularly those selling goods that could be damaged by the rain.

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