Monday, October 22, 2007

Change at the top

Mari Carmen Grau, council woman for Health and Consumption and second in line to the Mayor has submitted her resignation to the Alcalde, Jose Joaquin Moya.

Carmen Grau, who has been at the right hand of the mayor during almost ten years, has cited "personal reasons" for her resignation according to municipal sources. The same sources dismiss the idea that her resignation is because of disagreements between her and Immaculada Martinez, spokesperson of the socialist group with responsibility for Promotion, which have been evident during the first months of this term of office

Mari Carmen Grau, whose vote has given validity to the main municipal decisions in the last decade, was apparently prepared to resign during the previous four year term. However, the constant public and judicial denunciations that the opposition party (PP) presented to the Mayor between 2005 and 2007 and the complicated preparation of the socialist municipal list for the elections delayed her retirement.

In England a resignation would prompt a by-election but things are different here in Spain where we have proportional representation. So I presume that what happens now is that everyone moves up the list and the first reserve councilor joins the group.

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