Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Will it be a black Monday or red and white Monday?

You can bet the only pubs in England that will have customers on Saturday night will be those with big screen tvs as the country settles down to watch the Rugby World Cup. Fingers and toes are all crossed, lucky pants are washed and ready and the beers are chilling in the fridge. The only thing I ask is, please don't drive round with those silly St George's cross flags on your cars. If you want to celebrate our patron saint, do so on St George's Day which, If I can remind you, is on April 23rd.

Follow the Rugby World Cup with the possibility that Lewis Hamilton will win the Grand Prix title in his first season and you can almost guarantee the topics of conversation at work on Monday. That is if anyone is sober enough to go to work on Monday.

Of course, and I may be accused of heresy for saying this, there is the possibility that it will all go wrong and the country will be sunk into despair especially if the England football team get beaten by Russia today. Never mind; if it all goes wrong you can always blame Gordon Brown. Not that it could possible be his fault but it is always good to blame someone and he is as likely as anybody to be responsible.

Incidentally, I understand that some Spaniards are saying it is wrong for England to claim the possibility of victory in F1 with a black driver. I don't want to offend the locals but that is a load of b*******. Hamilton was born in Stevenage for God's sake. His paternal grandparents came from Grenada which was made a Crown Colony in 1877. The man's as English as fish and chips. In any case ask me, "where does the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso live?" In Oxford and his second home is near Lake Geneva. I rest my case.


Pete said...

What is this 'Rugby World Cup' that you speak of? Seriously, that one had completely passed me by.

As for F1, your point is well made. It's such an international circus that I'm not sure that nationality of drivers really means much anymore. And abandoning all my inner jingoism, I'd just as cheerfully see Alonso win as Hamilton. They're both great drivers.

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

The Rugby World Cup passed you by!! Even here in Spain where they don't play rugby it is headline news.