Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why the changes

You may have wondered why sometimes my posts change from the first time you read them to subsequent visits. 

First off, you have to look at the time when most of my posts are made. I'm pretty good first thing but not necessarily at my best. Often I will rush to get some idea out at that time only to reconsider what I have said  later. I know I shouldn't do it but sometimes I just get enthusiastic about an idea and need to get it down before it leaves me.

I also make lots of typing errors which are not always picked up by the spell checker. In any case the spell checker on Blogger and in Live Writer is set to US English so some words will get through e.g. color instead of colour.  Those of you who read this blog in America must wince at the spelling which I try to keep to UK English. I make no apology for that.

Most times I proof read the things I write before publishing but I find difficult to proof read my own work. The tendency is to read what I think I have written rather than what is actually there. That is why, when I worked in a school, I would always leave anything that was important until later before printing it out. Coming back to a piece after a few hours or even the next  day allowed me  to read it with fresh eyes. I obviously don't follow the same practise with my blog.

There are some critical readers who visit my blog whose understanding of English grammar is much better than mine.  I am always aware of this. I try to choose my words carefully to convey the meaning I intend; at the same time keeping the language as simple as possible. I don't care for over punctuation as you may have gathered.

You will be aware that a lot of my news items are translated from Spanish to English. I generally use a translation program to help me do that. Anyone who has used a translator program will know that they can throw up a lot of rubbish so I have to do a lot of editing.

The structure of sentences in Spanish are very different to those in English. Trying to make sense of  simple translations can therefore be difficult.  Often I have to guess what the original meaning might be by working it out from the context in which the statement is made. Obviously there are going to be times when I get it wrong.

So after all that, can I apologise for any mistakes I have made in the past and for any that I may make in the future. I hope they don't spoil your reading and put you off visiting my blog again.

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