Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You knew it would happen

On Sunday I wrote about the foiled blackmail plot involving one of the members of the Royal family. The judge had set an order preventing the publication of a name in the UK which led to much speculation. Some assumed it was either William or Harry because of their wild party lifestyles. The pair are regularly seen out on the London club scene, often several times per week. Harry in particular spends so little time in barracks that his fellow soldiers have dubbed him "holiday Harry". It is however hard to believe that either of them would be involved in the types of scandal that have been alleged.

Thankfully, royal sources have dismissed those theories by announcing that the person concerned was a minor royal. So the speculation moved to other members of the Royal family. For example; on the Internet, on Fox news and in foreign newspapers; the name Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent has been bandied about. It is purported that he has admitted to cocaine abuse in the past and is openly homosexual. He's a board member of the gay social club Sweet Suite in Soho. Both are cited as reasons why his name came top of the list as suspect.

The trail of gossip may soon be ended though because we are told that in fact "no member of the Royal family was filmed taking drugs, or engaged in any kind of sex act." We are assured that it was a con trick which has blown up in the faces of the blackmailers. The speculation, however, has caused more damage than the allegations which is why the person concerned is now considering waiving their anonymity to prevent further damage to the Royal family name.

I'm not a royalist but I do feel sorry for the Queen who must feel she has suffered enough distress at the hands of her relatives.

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