Saturday, December 22, 2007

It could be you

At nine o clock this morning, the Christmas Lottery 2007 will be drawn. This is big stuff. Alcantinos spend an average of 85.74 euros each on the Christmas lottery. Nationally, Spaniards spend more than 3,000 million on tickets for the draw.

Once the president of the lottery has authorized the beginning of the draw, children from San Ildefonso will take the numbers from the big drum and so the show begins. There is no B rated celebrity pushing a button to start a machine rolling; this is full on glitz. The children actually sing the numbers! In homes and bars throughout the country people will be glued to TV sets hoping that this year it will be their turn to win.

There is more than 2,200 million euros among the 1,787 prizes to be played for between 185 series of tickets, each one of them equipped with three million euros. The second prize is a million and the third is 500,000 euros for each series. The probability of winning (or as the Spanish say touching the fat person) is 1 in 85,000.

The first prize has been won in the Valencian Community on 30 occasions, ten of those wins were in the Alicante province.

Best of luck.

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