Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What did you do on Christmas Day

We had a lovely quiet day. A leisurely breakfast followed by the opening of our presents. We phoned our relatives in England and offered them our best wishes. Later we enjoyed an excellent Christmas dinner. In the evening we sat down to watch one of the DVDs we'd had as a present followed by a film or two on Spanish television. Second time round we understand the storyline of the Da Vinci Code much better.

The last thing on our minds was shopping!

However, the Times reports that more than 3.5 million shoppers – 770,000 more than attended Anglican church services – racked up total online sales of around £53 million in Britain yesterday.

Dozens of the country’s largest chains sidestepped the legal ban preventing their outlets opening on Christmas Day by offering reductions of up to 70 per cent on products for sale on their own websites.

The total sales online were expected to represent a two-thirds increase on Christmas Day sales last year.

Retailers said that the festive shopping spree began at the start of Christmas. Marks & Spencer said that it had been particularly busy during the first hour of its sale from midnight to 1am. The Comet electrical outlet said that it was expecting more than 200,000 visitors to its online store yesterday.

My only excursion online was to send a Christmas email to our friends and to post a couple of messages on this blog. I understand there might be great bargains out there to be had but there has to be more to life than shopping especially on Christmas Day.

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