Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The party that went wrong

You have no doubt already read or heard about the scandal that now surrounds the Manchester United FC Christmas party.

The footballers booked the Great John Street hotel in the Castlefield area of Manchester for their exclusive use, hired security guards, ordered the WAGs – their wives and girlfriends – to stay away and partied through the night with 100 invited models and dancers. The party was described by one observer as a “drinking, lap-dancing and gambling marathon”.

Reports earlier this month in advance of the planned party quoted a source inside the club as saying: “The lads are employing someone to hand-pick females to attend. There are strict instructions that only the best-looking girls in Manchester are to be invited.

Some of the descriptions emerging yesterday from the party will have enraged Sir Alex and United’s American owners. One guest told a news agency: “A lot of the players were really letting their hair down and really enjoying themselves in a big way. Lots of drink was flowing and there were a lot of girls simply trying to bag a footballer for the night. It was all very sleazy.” Another guest said: “Rooney and Rio spent most of the night on the dance floor – but Ryan Giggs stole the show when he did an Elvis Presley impersonation.”

Of course the allegations may amount to nothing. Home Office research shows that the Christmas party season results in a peak of rape allegations and that as many as 86 per cent of cases fail before reaching trial. However, you do wonder why these over paid, high profile celebrities need to celebrate in this way and put their reputations at risk. I'd like to bet the Bigastro C.F. Christmas party is a lot less sleazy.

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