Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5-0 was pretty emphatic

“El classico” matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid divide towns even families. They are games of great rivalry between the fans, the players and the managers and often end up as either low scoring wins or draws.

On this occasion, it was a match between Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Guardiola and Mourinho and 98,255 spectators were there at Camp Nou on the 111th anniversary of the club to witness the slaughter.

Mourinho, who had never before suffered even a four-goal loss as a professional football manager, said the 90 minutes did not show Madrid's true colours.

"One team played to their potential and one didn't," said Mourinho. "Loss, yes - humiliation, no. It was a defeat we deserved, we just weren't good enough.

"I have spoken to my players and I told them the season has not ended. Who knows what can still happen this year?"

That may be the case but this is one match that the Catalans will not allow the madrileñas to forget. Mourinho may describe it as a defeat, I'm sure the Barca fans will call it something stronger.

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