Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That will lift the spirits

Prince-William-and-Kate-M-004There is nothing like a royal wedding to lift the spirits of a country. The announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement has therefore come at a good time. Instead of focussing on the doom and gloom of the economic climate and the inevitable cuts in public spending, people will focus on the “big day”.

Of course there is a lot to do, and loads of decisions to be made not least of which will be which designer is to create the wedding dress. That should keep the newspapers happy as they speculate.

It will change the lives of the Middleton’s quite dramatically but I imagine they won’t mind that as they consider the huge benefits of being the “in laws” to the future king.

The hope everyone will feel but not express is that this will be one royal marriage that won’t end in disaster. Given that the couple have known each other for so long, that is less likely than in the the case of the Queen’s children.

PS Nice ring – saved a bit of money there William!

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