Monday, November 15, 2010

Something else they didn’t tell us

Spain is a main entry point for drugs which are then distributed throughout Europe. The problem exists along the whole of the south coast of the country. As the traffickers get wise, they move from one part of the coast to another. For now, it is Alicante that has become the place of choice for bringing illegal drugs into the Valencian Community.

Between January and June, the police intercepted 27 hauls of drugs into Alicante, ten of which arrived in the area north of Campello - chosen because of the small coves and cliffs which make detection by the police harder.

The criminals who bring the drugs in change tactics to try and elude capture. Normally they would unload the boat on the beach and then transfer the cargo to waiting cars and vans. One group were clever; they were using an all terrain vehicle which they drove into the sea, hitched the boat up and towed it out thus reducing the time they were on the beach. The police caught them though.

The radar system which was installed along the coast has proved successful in detecting the traffickers coming in. However, when the weather is bad or the sea is rough, it does loose sensitivity. In spite of that, it is helping in the fight against this type of crime.

Stopping drug trafficking is like stopping the sale of hooky goods, whilst there is a market for these things, there will be criminals intent of providing a supply.

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