Friday, November 19, 2010

Voting can give you an orgasm!

First they played the immigration card and now the political parties in Catalonia are using sex to try an encourage voters to go to the polls.

The local Socialist party's youth wing equates voting with orgasms in a campaign video for the Catalan elections that features a young woman who finds casting her vote such a turn-on that she cannot help reaching a peak of excitement in front of some bewildered polling officers.

The voting climax hopes to entice disillusioned young left-wingers to cast a vote for the region's beleaguered Socialists, led by José Montilla, who look set to lose power in the region on 28 November.

The rival Catalan nationalist Convergence and Union coalition today slammed their opponent's video as "filth", while the conservative People's party accused the young socialists "of using women and attacking their dignity".

Another candidate who heads her own party, Montse Nebrera, has also released a steamy campaign video with a backing track of climatic moaning designed to sound as if it has been lifted from a pornographic film. Nebrera warns of corruption, hefty subsidies to major parties and the 4% of taxpayers' money that allegedly goes to local media while the camera trails around a house full of hastily discarded underwear, abandoned glasses of champagne and rumpled sheets.

Nebrera appears at the end in a white towel, delivering the punchline: "If we had wanted to create a scandal in order to appear in the media I would have taken this off, but we believe that not everything goes in politics."

Well, what can I say? When I was a young man (just a few years ago!) there were many things that would arouse me but I don’t recall voting in an election being one of them.

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