Friday, November 26, 2010

Caught with their pants down - again!

You would think after last year’s fiasco when Britain was caught out with inadequate supplies of salt for the roads, they would be well prepared for this year. But no, many councils are still waiting for supplies of grit to arrive.

The problem is that winter has come early with millions of commuters facing a miserable journey home for the weekend. Up to 10 centimetres inches of snow is forecast to fall across the East of the country as far south as Kent, with the same conditions expected in Wales and the South West.

And the five day forecast

Friday: Snow in East, Wales and South West. Icy in most areas. Min temp -4C 

Saturday: Widespread snow showers, mostly in the North. Min temp –2C

Sunday: Coldest in London. Cloudy with scattered sunny spells. Min temp -4C 

Monday: Still well below freezing in London. Bright in East, North West and South, snow in Wales, Midlands and Scotland. Min temp -4C 

Tuesday: Snow showers in many parts. Min temp -2C 

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