Sunday, November 28, 2010

That is a bummer

Remember I was having problems with email. Telefonica kindly filter out any rubbish before it is sent to me which is good. Sometimes though, they filter out messages that I do want and that causes a problem.

The Bigastro mail server, on the other hand doesn’t seem to have a filter so you get all the rubbish along with the mail you want. In fact all the spam I get comes via my address.

When it arrives in my Inbox, Thunderbird does a good job of filtering it out, dumping the spam into the Trash box and then deleting it when the program closes down.

However, I now have a problem because Gmail, for example, is refusing emails from the Bigastro mail server. Having received so much spam via Bigastro emails, they have put a block on the IP address.

I don’t blame Gmail and I don’t blame Bigastro, the fault lies with the spammers who have found this loophole and are now exploiting it. What it means though is that any mail I send via my address may or may not arrive and I won’t necessarily know. That is a bummer because I liked having an address

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