Thursday, November 25, 2010

Get the wellies out–snow is on its way

No, not here in Bigastro. Nobody can recall having ever seen snow in the town.

Yesterday it was mild, the sun was shining during the day and yet there were people about in the town wearing thick coats, scarves and gloves. I did wonder what they would find to wear if they lived somewhere that was really cold like the north of the country or even just inland from the coast.

When it is cold or rainy here, our teachers ask about the weather in Britain. On Tuesday, I explained to Eduardo that the maximum expected temperature for Manchester was lower that the minimum for Bigastro that particular day. “That is why you live here” was his reply.

Britain is of course in the grips of a cold spell. The Met Office are predicting temperatures as low as –5C and the earliest major snowfall to hit the country since 1993. Scotland has suffered first with 10cm of snow overnight. That is expected to spread south during the course of next week with most areas getting a dusting of snow.

Any bigastrense intent on visiting England in the next week will therefore need to invest in some seriously warm clothing.

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