Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An aspirin a day

Experts now say that taking 75mg of aspirin daily for five years reduces the risk of getting bowel cancer by a quarter, and deaths from the disease by a third. A 75mg dose is a quarter of the standard over-the-counter pill.

Earlier studies had already shown that a low daily dose could reduce the risk of developing heart disease and the onset of dementia. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are the biggest threat to our lives today.

The drawback to taking aspirin is that it doubles the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. However these is some evidence that when you take aspirin daily, your intestines adjust to the drug.

The conclusion that the experts draw is that everyone over 45 who might be at risk of either bowel cancer or cardiovascular disease should be prescribed to take an aspirin each day.

I was prescribed Adiro 100 by the specialist in Orihuela but stopped taking it when I read articles suggesting it was only a good idea for those who had actually suffered a heart attack.

The advice from the specialist was to take one tablet with food in the middle of the day. I think I will go back to following that having read further about the benefits.

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