Sunday, July 10, 2011

And now they are gone

You wait for ages and ages for your family to arrive on holiday and then, in the blink of an eye, they have been and gone. The anticipation of what you might do, checking the weather, buying in the food you will need and preparing the house keeps you busy in the run up to a visit and then when they arrive there always seems to be too little time to accomplish what you have planned.

Having Laura, Dave and Molly here was such a pleasure. I know that parents and grandparents are bound to be biased but I can’t imagine anyone having a more delightful child than our Molly. She’s such a little character, bright as a button and with a smile that would melt anyone’s heart. It did not take her long to acclimatise to a strange environment and learn where she could go and where she could not. Molly’s favourite places were the little house we bought her and the swimming pool. The mere sight of the pool through the open back door was enough to excite her. In years to come, I reckon she will spend more time in there than in bed.

I firmly believe that children are what their parents make them. Children may be innately boisterous or calm, timid or outgoing but a lot of their behaviour is down to the way they are brought up. In this respect Dave and Laura score top marks by working together as a team to ensure that Molly is safe, secure, happy and well entertained – a real pleasure to be with.

It was a fabulous two weeks which we all thoroughly enjoyed and now the house is quiet – a bit too quiet – I might just put the Disney Channel on TV just to bring back some of those moments we enjoyed.

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