Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gastronomy Day

The August Fiesta is almost upon us so we need to plan for the Gastronomy Day.

Diane Clarke has agreed to coordinate our efforts again and will no doubt be getting in touch with all those people she has email addresses for. In case she hasn’t got yours, please get in touch with Diane at to let her know.

Without wishing to take away from what Diane is going to tell us, I feel certain that we will be going for the English Buffet again which basically means you can prepare or buy whatever you want as a contribution. It seemed to go down well last year, in fact I get the impression that, over the years, many of the Spaniards in the town have developed a taste for the food we prepare.

Anyway, please do get in touch with Diane and let her know that you are prepared to help.   

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