Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where do you hide 25 million Euros?

My grandmother always used to contend that you were better keeping your money under the floorboards than in the bank. When you are involved in money laundering from drug trafficking, then I don’t suppose there are many other alternatives.

The Miamis clan who had stashed 25 million Euros under a 25cm thick concrete floor in a mansion in Madrid must have thought it was safe there. It took the police 16 hours to find it but they did in the end.

Not only that but they have arrested 20 people, 17 in Spain and 3 in Miami, thus breaking up an important criminal network. The police also seized 60 luxury cars and have taken control of 21 luxury properties in Spain and 4 in the United States.

Call me perverse but I like reading stories like that.

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