Saturday, July 09, 2011

La casa de Ana

Yesterday we took Molly along to the new house that our Spanish teacher and her husband have built for themselves in Molins.

The house is very different to that of of the neighbours and yet it fits in perfectly in its surroundings. It is however a bold statement which you cannot ignore.

The first thing you notice as you approach are the clean lines of the exterior finished in white with grey tile facades and touches of grey steel. As you walk up towards the ultra modern front door, you notice the planters which lead towards the rear of the property.

Once inside, you can see that Ana and Angel have taken the utmost care in choosing every detail of their house right down to the light switches.

The walls are perfectly smooth and white, the floor is ceramic but looks like wood giving a touch of warmth to the styling. Every part of the house is the epitome of style and elegance.

What strikes you most is that this is a house designed to look and feel spacious. The centre is open to the ceiling of the second floor and a huge window brings light into the whole building.

The stylish lounge area with its white sofas and red chairs is separated from the kitchen and dining areas by a three sided glass box which reaches up to the top of the house. Inside the box there are large white pebbles which Ana tells us will form the base for elegant bamboos that will reach up to the second floor. There are also two bedrooms on the ground floor, one for Ana and Angel and the other for their son who is also called Angel.

On the second floor is the office area with its elegant white desks and chairs. There are two computers, a Sony Vaio for Ana and a Mac for Angel and space for more. A further two bedrooms and of course a bathroom complete the layout of this part of the house.

In the under build, there is ample room to park three cars along with a play room complete with bar, huge TV and a games console that plays six thousand different games.

To the rear of the property is the pool with its built in jacuzzi, an area of artificial grass to play on and a covered area for outside dining etc.

The nerve centre of the house is a room which holds all the utility supplies along with the filter and pumps for the pool - it is like mission control at Huston with umpteen switches and dials to watch. Damn it, there is even a lift in the house to take you from the basement to the top floor when you have heavy goods to carry or for people of advancing years.

All in all, this is an elegant house which Ana and Angel can be justly proud off. We loved it.

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