Sunday, July 24, 2011


If Friday night’s parade of the Moors comparsas was a little underwhelming, then last night’s parade of the Christian groups more than made up for it. They had really gone to town to produce something spectacular. A lot of credit goes to the Caballero del Oriol who lead the parade. 

There were dancing girls with sticks, dancing girls with flaming torches, dancing girls in body paint (we missed them),  a juggler with flaming torches, horses performing, a mock battle in a castle with horses charging up the street, a belly dancer, swarthy pirates, swashbuckling buccaneers, lots of ladies (young and old) in fantastic costumes not to mention quite a few men too. The Christian Ambassador, Manuel Reig González came by on the most mazing float which had fire breathing dragons at the rear and a huge swivelling sword that held eight young ladies. 

For those of you who missed this fantastic night, you can see my photos here.

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