Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking care in the heat of summer

Health authorities are urging all residents and visitors to take extra precaution in the heat following the death of two people due to exposure to the sun in Jávea and Guardamar on Monday - and the soaring number of sunstroke cases at health centres.

The deaths come as government health chiefs renewed warnings that people should take extra precaution due to the high temperatures and exposure to sunlight.
Avoid exposure to the midday sun, drink plenty of water (even when not thirsty), use a hat and use sun cream of high protection level are the main recommendations. Drinks with high caffeine or sugar content, as well as alcohol, should be consumed only moderately or not at all. Light meals including salads, fruit, vegetables and juice are recommended.

The warning is aimed especially at high-risk groups - the elderly, children, people with chronic illnesses and outdoor workers.
The fatalities and the call for extra precaution came after weathermen forecast a hotter than normal summer across the country.

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