Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coming to people’s aid


20110712_logo_caritas The Spanish charity Caritas have their local headquarters on Calle Acequia and are open Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.
image001 As the economic crisis started to bite hard, it was Caritas that people turned to for help in the form of food parcels.

The local office in Bigastro has now received 13,000 kgs of food from the Red Cross to help needy families in the town.

To access this help, the head of the family should visit the offices of he charity during opening hours.

The charity are also  offering English courses for beginners on Saturdays from 12am to 1pm.

1 comment:

Petrus said...

Food parcels from the Red Cross smacks somewhat of a third world country not one of the world's leading developed nations - something has gone wrong somewhere.

Having said that - in the UK many would let the poor and unemployed starve...

Strange world - I wonder what is the best way forward?