Monday, July 04, 2011

Loyal guinea pigs

Normally you would not cook something you’d never tried before when guest came for dinner. However, we have known Glenys and Peter for a long time so I figured they would forgive me if I got it wrong.

Pamela does not like fish that much so we don’t get to eat it as often as we should. So first off I cooked prawns as a starter – easy one that – just put them on the barbecue for a few minutes and they are done. They are a bit messy but really worth it.

I followed the prawns with tuna steaks which had been marinated in a simple mix of lime juice , lemon juice, olive oil and pepper. The idea was to flash fry them on the cast iron griddle that I had just bought but when I saw that the tuna steaks were still raw in the middle, I chickened out and gave them a bit longer.

Having got the thumbs up for that, I went for broke with a made up dessert.

I sliced peaches in half and de-stoned them. I added a generous quantity of honey in the hollow and dusted them with cinnamon. Placinhg them on  a piece of foil on the barbecue for about ten minutes warmed them through and softened the peaches. Then I served them with a good splash of rum, fresh strawberries and squirty cream.

Not wishing to sound immodest, for a dessert that I made up on the spot, it went down very well. Actually I have to confess that I cooked peaches before but with a different twist.

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