Friday, October 07, 2011

Good golly, Miss Molly

How much you have grown.

Pam and I flew into Manchester yesterday to spend a little time with our family and friends. First stop Sale to see our granddaughter Molly.

What a greeting - with a smile broader than her face, this little voice said, “papa” then “mama” (she can’t quite get the grand bit yet). Just that on its own made the trip worthwhile.

Then Molly told us all about where we should sit, which was her chair and who owned the car outside. Then she introduced us to some of her toys; there was Eric the bear (dressed in Manchester United kit), Dora the explorer, baby, Wabaloo, ladybird (that is the bag that goes on her back with reins to control her) and a whole lot more. Molly then read me a book and told me the names of all the animals in it.

I was worn out just trying to keep up with her. Oh and did I mention, Molly is just over 18 months old? What she will be like when she is three is anybodies guess.

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