Friday, October 28, 2011

Rolling back the clock

It was ten years ago that Spain introduced the Euro as its currency  and yet there are still 285,000,000 of the old pesetas in circulation according to the Bank of Spain.

Normally, you would not be able to use these notes anymore. However, an initiative called “Return the peseta to Orihuela” means that, up to the December 10th, you will be able to pay in the old currency in designated shops which carry the MoAb badge at the door.

I don’t know what the rate of exchange will be but I am sure that prices will be a little higher than they were ten years ago!

PS I know there are a lot of Spaniards who still have a longing to return to the peseta but the truth was you needed a wallet full of notes just to buy a decent meal. On the positive side, you didn’t need a small fortune in the bank to be a millionaire.

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