Sunday, October 09, 2011

Why we live in Spain

There are lots of reasons why we now prefer our lives in Spain. Principally, being retired, we have time to do the things that we want rather than having to fit everything in to a work schedule.

The other big plus is the weather. When it rains in Bigastro it pours down and we stay in the house because we know that within hours, a day at the most it will stop and the sun will come out to dry everywhere up. In Manchester, where we are at the moment, when it rain it continues for days.

Yesterday it rained more or less all day and then again throughout the night. This morning, there is a bit of respite and we did briefly see the sun break through but we know form the forecast that the rain will return.

Although it is lovely to come and visit people and we do enjoy shopping in England, at the end of our stay we are pleased to be back in Spain where we now belong.

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Maz said...

We are still trying to do the same. However although Mick can retire next year the age has gone up for me and it means our plans have to wait a few more years!

I look forward to the day we can make it our full time home and understand just how you feel.