Monday, October 10, 2011

Manchester weather

With just a few breaks when the sun tried to break through, it has generally been wet and rainy since we arrived in Manchester. Still, it hasn’t spoilt our fun.

Saturday, Dave and I took Molly to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. What a brilliant place that is, lots to see and plenty to amuse children of all ages including those of Molly’s age.

Sunday we drove over to Liverpool to meet up with our great friends Pete and Laura. What we did not realise was that yesterday was the say they’d chosen to hold the first marathon run in Liverpool in 18 years. That did make access to the waterfront difficult. However we eventually found somewhere to park and met up.

Pete has recently had a very scary health issues so it was good to see him looking fine. In fact, I would say he actually has lost some weight. 

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Pete said...

I'm happy to take that compliment!