Monday, October 31, 2011

Saying farewell

Pam and I are blessed with great neighbours here in Spain – both English and Spanish. Now, however, it is time for our English neighbours to say farewell and we are sorry to see them go.

You do read of serious problems that people have with their neighbours in some cases ending up in court. Pam and I have been very lucky in that respect, we have always got on well with our neighbours in each of the houses we have lived in.

The best you can hope for living next door are people who are unobtrusive and yet there for you to call on when you need help. For most of the time you would have hardly known that Ken and Kay were there which is as good as it gets.

Unfortunately though, it was just too hot here in the summers for Kay so they are moving to France where the summers should be milder. I hope they find somewhere nice and enjoy their new home. I also hope that they keep in touch. 

Farewell Ken and Kay, it has been a real pleasure knowing you.

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