Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nanny state

Britain really is becoming a nanny state where people are not given the responsibility for their own actions. I already knew that you can’t buy paracetemol in packs of more than 16 just in case you rather stupidly fail to read the directions and overdose. Nothing to stop you going back for another pack though!

It seems the same applies to other medicines as well.

Pamela wanted some Imodium and so she called in at a chemist’s whilst we were in Sale. The lady behind the counter was reluctant to let her have more than one pack though and even suggested that Pam should go to see the doctor if she had a persistent problem. It was only when Pam told the lady we lived in Spain and that she was stocking up that the assistant was convinced. 

So, it is OK to drink yourself into oblivion on a Saturday night in Blackpool and have to be taken to A&E (emergency department in hospital)  to have your stomach pumped out but not to buy too many pain killers.

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