Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Information required

I got this email from one of my readers this morning.

We haven't communicated before but my wife and I have been checking your blog for sometime now and it is an excellent and informative read. Last year we purchased a flat in Bigastro and have spent last week finally moving down from Granada province. Unfortunately the frequent return trips were too much for our car which broke down Friday night. The lovely people at Linea Directa were excellent at getting us and our car back to Bigastro with the minimum of fuss. Unfortunately we got the news today that the problem is terminal. We have organised a rental car with Goldcar in Torrevieja for a couple of weeks however we need to get there to pick it up in Thursday evening. So I have finally got to the reason for my email...we haven't seen any buses here! Do you know if there is any way, other than taxi, of getting to Torrevieja on a Thursday evening?

The only thing I could tell him was that there is a bus which runs from Orihuela to Torrevieja which picks up at the tobacco shop above the town square. As for the cost and the times, I have no idea.

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