Tuesday, October 25, 2011

These could be lifesavers

I read this morning that the Mancomunidad of Economic Promotion of the Vega Baja has five hundred tracker devices stored at their headquarters in Bigastro. They were bought through the Advanced Program launched by the Ministry of Industry at a cost of over 200,000 Euros and were meant to be used by the elderly  because the GPS system incorporated in them allows the wearer to be tracked in real time.

They are the sort of thing that would have been extremely useful when Pamela’s father started wandering as his dementia set in. With a tracker fitted we could have located him day and night which would have relieved a lot of stress at that time. 

You can imagine that with so many municipalities involved, deciding how many go to each and who should be the recipients was a task and a half which is why they are still in store.

However, such valuable equipment needs to be used not stored.  Thankfully, the new president of the association, Charo Bañuls says that the logistics of setting up the program to allow these trackers to be allocated will now be addressed.

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