Thursday, September 26, 2013

A modern disease

Vandalism in the form of graffiti is a social problem that many countries seem to face these days. The authors have very little regard for the annoyance that their work causes. I suppose, they would argue that their work is “art” and in any case is non destructive to the walls and buildings they use as canvasses. Mostly though, the graffiti consists of illegible scrawlings that have no artistic merit whatsoever. Removing them is both costly and time consuming.  

In Torrevieja, they have installed an ultra sophisticated system of cameras in an attempt to curb all forms of vandalism, including graffiti, and it seems to be effective.

Orihuela is now considering installing cameras in public places to try and halt the problem there. The councillor, Antonia Moreno says that vandalism and drinking in the streets is a scandal and that the treat of fines is not working. The city needs to find a better solution to the problem and that may well be cameras.

Orihuela will need permission from Alicante to go ahead and the plans will be subject to scrutiny because of the intrusive nature of cameras in the street. If the end result is a cleaner city, then it will be worth it

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