Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quite frankly I am disappointed

Both my daughters have iPhones (actually Jemma is still waiting for a replacement for the one that was stolen in Alicante). They have contracts that give them unlimited texts, calls and a a decent quota of data. However, over the period that they own the phones, they will have more than paid the price that Apple charge for an unlocked device.

Pamela and I already have iPads but would like smartphones for the convenience they bring. However, we don’t want expensive contracts and we don’t want to pay even the £349 (or399 euros) for an unlocked 4s.

The announcement that Apple were producing a plastic version of the phone seemed interesting. Maybe this would be an iPhone to suit both our needs and pockets but no.

Apple have just unveiled two new models, the iPhone 5S which is an upmarket version of the 5 and the iPhone 5C which comes in 5 girly colours (pink, green, blue, yellow and white). The bad news is that an unlocked 5C will cost £469 (there isn’t a price for this on the Spanish site).

We visited Media Markt last week and found the Spanish made, 5 inch screen, BQ phone, running Android Jelly Bean for just less than 200 euros. It may not have the same status as an iPhone when your draw it from your pocket but if it does more or less the same things, then it is a winner in my book.

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