Tuesday, September 03, 2013

It seems to be at odds to me

Spain, a country where 27% of the working population are out of work, a country which required an EU bailout to support its banking sector, where thousands line up for handouts and yet one of its football clubs has just paid 100m euros for a player.

No doubt the fans at Real Madrid are delighted at the prospect of watching Gareth Bale play for them. He managed to speak a little well rehearsed Spanish as the crowd cheered him at the presentation. Their hope is that he will help them win a coveted 10th European Cup. That may or may not happen because we all know that football is a fickle game of fate.

To my mind, the world of football, like the world of pop, is unreal. The sums of money involved and the fortunes to be made bear no comparison to the lives of ordinary people. And yet, without the drip, drip, drip of ordinary people’s money, none of this could happen. We, the public, have been sucked in to providing these God like creatures with wealth beyond their dreams. I may be speaking heresy here but it all seems terribly wrong to me.

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