Monday, September 30, 2013

Bigastro is the new Liverpool

To make money during an economic crisis, you have to think out of the box and that is just what a group of friends have done here in Bigastro.

They started to rent a warehouse on the industrial estate outside the town in 2011 and turned it into music practice rooms for local bands. They called the enterprise Delta and divided it up into several small rooms, each with a secure lock on the door, which can be rented out for 120 euros per month.

In all, fifteen groups practice there including Las Suicidas who used to rehearse elsewhere until the prices rose. Other groups include; 5 Sentidos and the guitarist Tony Sánchez who plays in three groups of which both the Hamers and Logan practice at Delta.

The total security is clearly important to the groups that use Delta. The fact they can leave their instruments and amplifiers in the building knowing that they will still be there next time is a big selling point. 

Remember the upsurge of music in Liverpool during the 60s? From seemingly nowhere, there were chart topping groups performing and making a name for themselves. This could be the future for Bigastro! In ten years time you will be saying, “I first read about this on Keith’s blog”.

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