Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another balcony death

It seems that, almost weekly, we read about British tourists falling from hotel balconies in Spain. Recently, one fell from the fifth floor of a hotel in Benidorm.

He was at the resort on a stag weekend with friends. They had been out drinking when one of the party decided to return to his room early. He apparently got out of the lift on the fifth floor instead of the 13th where his room was located.  When he failed to get into what he thought was his room, the man decided to climb through a window and get in via the balcony. He fell onto the roof of the kitchen and was pronounced dead by the emergency services who tried to revive him.

I wonder why it is that these young men think that they can emulate Spiderman, is it just plain lunacy or the bravado that comes from having too much to drink?

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