Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Squatters move in

In nearby Callosa del Segura, squatters have moved in to apartments left empty after the banks have evicted owners. In the heyday many moved to new and larger flats, financed by mortgages from the banks that were all too willing to lend money. When the owners fell behind with payments, the banks foreclosed on them and took the properties over. Some of these homes have been auctioned off at knockdown prices but many remain empty.

Taking advantage of this situation, some have broken into the unoccupied flats and live in them with illegal connections to water and electricity. A few have made arrangements with the banks to pay a nominal rent. The squatters are not just from Callosa though, there are some who have come to the town from other parts of the Vega Baja. As you might imagine, the legal residents are none too happy about their gypsy neighbours.

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