Saturday, September 14, 2013

Two Calle Alemanias in one town (not Bigastro)

When it came to naming streets in the new urbanisations of Torrevieja, nobody thought to check if the names had been used before in other parts of the town. That means that there are thirty names which are used twice.

You can imagine the confusion that this causes to emergency services who can turn up at the wrong place. It is also confusing for the post office and for visitors. The only solution is to change one of the names to something else and that is what the council propose to do.

However, we know from experience that finding a newly named street can be difficult. When we first moved here and for some time afterwards, couriers would either turn up or not depending how up-to-date their sat navs were and how prepared they were to ask locals for directions. It will take some time (years not months) before people become familiar with the changed names.

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