Monday, September 23, 2013

More of the same

We all now know that Angela Merkel had great cause to celebrate her victory in the German elections. With 41.5% of the votes, she will continue to be the Chancellor. In fact she came close to getting an absolute majority. Whilst other leaders in Europe suffered following the economic crisis, Merkel seems to be gaining in strength. 

It is not the tradition in Germany for parties to try and rule in minority so it is thought that Mrs Merkel will probably look for a coalition partner. That won’t be the FDP though who were punished by the electorate for working in partnership during the last government. They failed to get the 5% necessary to remain in parliament this time round.  That leaves only the SPD who worked as second partners before in 2005 and then suffered in 2009 for that decision.

Thankfully, the AfD, who advocated Germany’s exit from the euro, also failed to gain the necessary 5%.

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