Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More problems for the PP in Bigastro

Last November, the socialists put forward a motion at one of the council meetings to reduce taxes and fees for businesses in the town. Since the socialists outnumber the PP and the Liberals abstained, the motion was carried six votes to five.

Because these reductions have not been implemented, the socialists sent out a pamphlet to the shops in the town informing them of their rights. The leaflet suggested that traders should go to the town hall and demand their rights. Many did just that and were told that the ordinances covering taxes and fees hand not been changed because of the poor financial situation in Bigastro.

In spite of the misfortunes of the town, Raúl Valerio Medina insists that these reductions should be made and accuses Charo Bañuls of being irresponsible for not carrying out the agreement. He wants to know why the changes have not been reported in the Official Gazette of the Province and says that, if necessary, the issue will be taken to court.  

The problem that the governing party face started when they split with the liberals and so tried to rule the town in a minority. Without the support of the two liberal councillors, the PP risk being outvoted by the socialists on every issue.

It might not make economic sense to implement the changes that were voted through last November but that is the rule of democracy. The socialists are clearly determined not to allow the PP to ignore what they describe as the “will of the people” which they claim to represent by virtue of having one councillor more.

In fact the so called “will of the people” in Bigastro is not that clear cut. Out of the 13 seats, 5 are held by the ruling PP, 6 by the socialists and 2 by the liberals which means that no one party can claim to represent the majority of townsfolk. I do not have the figures to hand but I recall that the socialists claimed they were not far short of the votes needed to take 7 seats which would have given them a majority. 

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