Monday, February 17, 2014

That is some “hole” in the accounts

Failure to finally approve the accounts for 2010 have resulted in warnings and the threat of fines to the council.


 The legacy of Joaquín Moya (left) and  Raúl Valerio (right)

The PP have now say they have discovered a “hole” in the accounts for 2010 amounting to 5,126,899  euros which they have reported to the Sindicatura de Comptes. The anomaly arises from unreal figures regarding the transfer of taxes from SUMA, the auction of municipal land and other issues, some of which date back to 2004. In addition, there is the sum of 339,719 euros to account for bringing the final total to 5.7 million euros.

For a town like Bigastro with a debt of 30 million euros and an income of 3.5 million euros that is an impossible amount to deal with.

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