Thursday, February 13, 2014

No end in sight

Those who made the decision to end their dream of a life in the sun and return to Britain must be wondering now if they did the right thing. Nobody seems to know why the Jet Stream is piling storm after storm on Britain with no signs of a let up. Let us hope that this is a one off and not a pattern for years to come.

Yesterday, the storm moved towards the north of the country bringing 100mph winds to Wales and the north west. Motorways were shut and trains were halted. The Met Office issued its first red weather alert for 20 years.

article-2557440-1B71376A00000578-163_964x611Now, the rain could turn to snow and then on Friday and Saturday, much more rain is expected – 100mm in just two days on already sodden ground.

Many must be asking, “when will this all end and when will they see a return to normal winter weather?”. I don’t think anybody can predict when that might be. The forecasters fear that there is a lot more bad weather to come across the Atlantic before that happens as shown in this satellite picture from the Daily Mail.

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