Sunday, February 16, 2014

They have done it

When the current PP council in Redován took over from the socialists, the town was technically bankrupt and on the blacklist of municipalities for intervention by the government.

Two years on and the town ended 2013 with a surplus of over 1.2 million euros which included 256,000 euros for their provider payment plan.

One of the key measures taken to reach this situation was a reduction in council staff which cut the wage bill from 2.1 million to 1.4 million euros per year.

The mayor of  Redován says that they will comply with the laws of budgetary stability and will keep up with their provider payments because suppliers now charge interest after 30 days.  Gone are the times when suppliers would wait years to be paid.

Let us hope that, within this term of government, Bigastro will be able to announce an improvement in the financial situation. However, it is likely that the socialist council in Bigastro were guilty of more reckless spending than the one in  Redován, so the recovery here will take longer. 

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