Saturday, February 22, 2014

Well deserved acclaim

The 9th Gala of Music, organised by the Regional Board of the Vega Baja and Baix Vinalopó Musical Societies took place on Saturday, 15th February. The purpose was to pay homage to musicians, institutions and those who had played an important part in the music of the region.

20140221_gala1 The Bigastro Music Society decided, unanimously, to give the award this year to D. ANTONIO GÁLVEZ EGÍO, a musician in the band for 42 years.

Antonio Gálvez Egio was born in Orihuela but whist he was a child his family moved to Bigastro, the birthplace of his father. It was in the town that he made friends and was initiated into the academy of music where he decided to learn and discover the world of music.

Easter 1972, he joined the Symphonic Band of the  Musical Union Society Bigastro,  playing the  fife under the direction of  D. Manuel Moya Pomares. His first clarinet teacher was D. José Torres (known as "Uncle Palpo" - principal clarinet player in the band). He also played alto sax during pageants and parades.

In the early 80s, the director of the band, Joaquín Grau Murcia,  appointed him as deputy director of the band for  processions and parades despite not having advanced studies in music.

He also took part in founding the Manuel Moya Pomares choir which often performs with the band in concerts.

20140221_gala2 His greatest virtue is his respect and admiration for the musicians that came before him and his friendship with the current members of the band. He is justly pround of his 42 year association with the Bigastro band.

The town offers his best wishes to Antonio Gálvez Egio.

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