Friday, February 07, 2014

Problem solved

We seem to be having a run of problems at the moment; a small crack has appeared on the door of the washing machine which I need to keep my eye on, the joint on one of the new radiators has a slight leak which the plumber who fitted it will come and fix and the cord on one of our window shutters won’t retract without assistance. The intercom between the front gate and the house only works in one direction. Fortunately the buzzer still works if you press it hard enough and the gate lock release still functions. Still we need the electrician who came weeks ago to return and sort that out for us.

Yesterday our internet connection cut out at around midday. Since the telephone line was installed, we have had no problems with our connection to the internet so that was a real mystery. Sometimes these things have a way of sorting themselves out which is why we left it until early evening to phone Telefonica to report the problem. That might have been a mistake.

When you phone the 1004 number, you are told to call 11822 instead. I did that and was eventually put on to someone who spoke English. He took my number and name and promised to call back. One hour later, we decided that wasn’t going to happen and so phoned the number again. By this time there was nobody who spoke English and so Pam battled through in her best Spanish. Three calls later we gave up because each time Pam was directed to yet another department who still could not resolve the issue for us.

In spite of Pamela asking them to speak slowly and clearly, the people at the other end of the line insisted in babbling on in Spanish to her. That was not very helpful. We decided that enough was enough and that it would be better to call into one of Telefonica’s shops because at least there we could have a face to face conversation.

As it happens, the internet connection was restored by the time I got up this morning so that has saved us a trip. I have no idea what the problem was or whether the phone calls last night prompted someone to investigate the issue. All I know is that the connection is back and I hope it will stay that way. 

Now my question is, “does anybody know of a person who can repair our window blind?” If so give me a call or send me an email.  

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